Lori Kucharski, MA, LMFT, LPC
EMDR Center of the Pikes Peak Region, LLC
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The following dates are for trainings and group consultations. Individual consultation and meta-supervision is available upon request. Please notice if the consultation or supervision group is virtual or face-to-face. Virtual groups use HIPAA-compliant technology. Consultation and supervision groups take place monthly and are open groups. Group EMDR consultation is for Certification Candidates, Consultants-in-Training, or those who have completed an approved Basic Training and is designed towards general EMDR consultation or EMDR with special populations. I also provide non-EMDR, general consultation on specialized populations, such as disordered eating, body image, and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  The clinical supervision/meta-supervision group is for those who are working towards licensure, for those who are seeking to become approved supervisors (AAMFT-AS or ACS), or for those who wish to staff supervisory issues among peers. 

February, 2019

2/4, 9-11 AM MST:          Virtual, EMDR group consultation
2/21: 9-5 PM MST:          Subthreshold and Diagnosed Eating Disorder and Body Image Training: Multi-Modalities
2/22, 11-1 PM MST:        Face-to-face group consultation
2/28, 9-5 PM MST:           Virtual, EMDR and Disordered/Eating Body Image Training & 1-year Webinar Access 
                                                    (7 EMDRIA CEU's)

March, 2019

3/4, 9-11 AM MST:        Virtual, EMDR group consultation
3/15, 11-1 PM MST:      Face-to-face group consultation

April, 2019

4/8, 9-11 AM MST:        Virtual, EMDR group consultation
4/17, 9-11 AM MST:      Face-to-face group consultation

May, 2019

 5/6, 9-11 AM MST:        Virtual, EMDR group consultation
, 5/17, 11-1 PM MST:     Face-to-face group consultation

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Virtual, EMDR and Disordered/Eating Body Image Training & 1-year Webinar Access 
 (with 7 EMDRIA CEU's)