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Becoming a Client

​​Note: My case load is currently full, and I am no longer able to take new clients for therapy. 

Thank you for deciding to take the next step in beginning our therapy work together.
It is an honor to be a part of this process with you or your loved ones.

What you can expect at your first appointment/intake:
In my clinical practice, I use 2-hour intake sessions. This allows us to get to know each other well, ensures that all of your questions are answered, and ensures that we have a solid treatment plan by the end of the intake.
In this intake, we will review your mental health history, medical history (including any disordered eating issues, autoimmune illness, and childhood development), and relational history (including family-of-origin and upbringing). We will look at the various aspects of holistic wellness, such as physical care, mental and emotional care, relational and social care, and spiritual care (if this is something you desire). We will create a plan to address any deficits you identify, including stress management and goals for wellness. I may also refer to holistic, functional-medical, or naturopathic providers who can help as well. If you are under a physician's, specialist's, or psychiatrist's care, I will obtain a release of information to ensure that I can help provide wrap-around services. 

What you can expect for follow-up therapy services:
After your initial intake appointment, we will meet approximately weekly for an hour to discuss your goals and begin EMDR Therapy to help reprocess "stuck" points, unresolved trauma, or stressors. EMDR Therapy is an 8-phase protocol that actually begins at your first appointment when we begin discussing your history, but we do not start the reprocessing phase until we both agree you are ready to do so. This happens at different intervals for everyone. It is based on stabilization, health status, and goals. If we start this phase too quickly, we risk destabilizing you, but if we wait too long, we can prolong undesireable symptoms. As such, we want to make sure it feels like the right time for you.
Ongoing EMDR therapy (and assurance you're meeting your goals) usually takes place over several months to even a year or more. There is no time limit. While some may accomplish their EMDR and holistic wellness goals in a few weeks-to-a-few-months, due to the complexity of situations that my clients generally have experienced (e.g., childhood abuse/neglect, complex trauma, attachment wounds, developmental traumas, dissociation, disordered eating, and health/autoimmune problems), this therapy is not realistically a short-term therapy. Ethically, therapy should not last longer than is necessary, but I do prefer to caution clients at the beginning that there is no "quick fix" when it comes to this sort of deeper, meaningful work. However, because we "front load" the work in the beginning, most clients find that they can reduce services eventually to bi-monthly, then monthly. I realize this is an investment, and I respect your time and finances and do not want this to be a burden or hardship. 

To schedule an appointment:
In order to schedule an intake appointment, please contact me by phone or email to ensure that I have availability and can meet your needs. Email (below) is the easiest way to reach me, though I understand if you prefer using the phone (719-360-2440). I will then send you intake forms, which you will read and fill out completely, and email them (with a copy of your driver's license and insurance card if applicable) to lorikucharski@emdrcenterofthepikespeakregion.com. You may also fax them to my HIPAA-secure fax line
at 855-641-5882 or may mail them through a postal service. If more than one person is entering therapy, or for any individual age 15 or older, please have all parties complete and sign their own forms. Please see my disclosure statement for statutes and policies regarding parents requesting services for minors age 14 or under. 

*Please be aware that while I take HIPAA precautions to maintain confidentiality and security, I cannot 100% guarantee the security of any online or phone/text communication.

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Rates & Insurance
​​At this time, I am not able to accept new clients as my case load is full, and I no longer accept insurance. I am able to provide you with a "super-bill" that you can turn over to your insurance for reimbursement. Please note that I am NOT a Medicaid or Medicare provider. 

I accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards for services.